Kay Juricek

“The landscapes and scenes I paint are my way of connecting with the land, the beauty of it as it is now, it’s the same as it was before people, and it’s what will be after we are gone. It’s eternal, spiritual, restorative.

I call my work contemporary because I’m a 21st century artist exposed to, absorbing and reacting to a remarkable variety of historical influences. As a Western landscape painter it’s not my goal to create images in the style of our predecessors such Moran, Bierstadt, Church and others, but instead to learn from them, put what I’ve gleaned in my back pocket and strike out on my own. “


Kay was born and raised in Crete, Nebraska on a family farm in the rolling hills of Saline County. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 1980 with an emphasis on lithography. Kay also studied with renowned Nebraska landscape artist Keith Jacobshagen.

She earned a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science from Columbia University, New York, N.Y. in 1984 and until 2008 worked as a librarian, records manager and human resources analyst for various engineering companies such as Chevron Oil, Cyprus Minerals and government agencies such as the U.S. Dept. of Transportation and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Kay was also a faculty member at the University of Wyoming and the Colorado School of Mines.

In 1990, she began painting portraits on a commission basis and started her series of still life paintings and landscapes. Kay has exhibited her award-winning work in galleries, publications, and in juried and invitational shows both locally and nationally.

She is currently studying with Denver painter and teacher Kevin Weckbach and paints in her Denver studio. Kay also takes every opportunity to travel throughout the American West.

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