Leslie Aguillard

Leslie Aguillard graduated with an art degree from Illinois State University in 1968 and worked as a commercial and fine artist for more than 30 years after moving to Denver in 1976.

She served on the national board for the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) and is also a member of the College Arts Association (CAA); she also formerly served on the board of the Colorado Artists Guild and received the Inez Tatum award from CAG in 2010. Leslie’s work is varied, painting mostly in oil, from portraits to political commentary; she enjoys drawing and sculpture as well.

Leslie retired from teaching art in May 2013 but continues to paint and show her work regionally and nationally.

These drawings are a departure from the paintings of Washington Park, portraits and Icons, also from the Noir series, though that is on-going. These drawings are spontaneous, and fast at the outset and then studies in tone using pencil on paper.

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