Chris Schranck

February 2015 Newsletter

Featured Photo by Chris Schranck

The February 25, 2015 meeting will be at
The Studios at
Overland Crossing
2205 S. Delaware
Denver, CO 80223
7:00-9:00 PM

Member News and Wet Paint

Chris SchrankSee art work by Chris Schranck at Neo Art Studio on the S.W. corner of 9th and Santa Fe. To enter: Go into Grace Gallery, go to the back, and then go upstairs. Contact Chris at 303-995-2039 or email at See art work on Facebook at Art work by Chris Schranck.


CAG Spring Show at DU’s Hirschfeld Gallery will be April -May

Details about the theme, specific criteria and dates will be sent to the paid members via email. If you have any questions regarding this or any other shows, please direct your questions to

CAG will be at the Colorado Arts & Crafts Society’s Gathering of the Guilds, Sunday, April 26th, 9am-4pm at Boettcher Mansion. $5 General Admission. Members of participating guilds admitted free.  The Boettcher Mansion, on Lookout Mountain, 900 Colorow Road, Golden, CO 80401.

the Colorado Arts & Crafts Society’s Gathering of the Guilds is a presentation of the best in Colorado Fine Craftsmanship. The only place where local Guilds and Artisans inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement can come together to celebrate their craft. We have a wonderful collection of professional artists, craftsman, metalsmiths, woodworkers and weavers selling their handcrafted iteams in the following categories: Art, Book Binding, Calligraphy, Ceramics, Distilling, Fiber, Furniture, Glass, Home Restoration, Jewelry, Knife Making, Paper, and Textiles. There will be Demonstrations, Workshops, and Presentations through out the day.

image from page 2 from the forthcoming catalog of the University Press of Colorado Press about the Denver Artists Guild book.

The Book is being Printed!

There are several book signing events coming up this coming summer! 

The Kirkland Museum, History Colorado, Byers Evans House, The Main Denver Public Library, Dave Cook Gallery and maybe the Denver Art Museum. To see the printers proof of the catalog page click here



 Presenter Cody Kuel Pop-Surrealism  

The presenter for our February  meeting will be Cody Kuel.  His Pop-surrealism  will be at Denver Comicon

Cody Kuehl
Cody Kuehl

Pop art should be a chronology of life.
Pop art should be an analog anthology of experience.
The lines on the page should reflect the lines of a face as a reflection of all of the pain, triumph, joy, and sadness of a life filled with the world’s shortcomings.
Comedy is inevitable in a world that loves the obvious.
This does make the world pretty damn hard.
The overwhelming amount of cliche makes for a shortcoming of reality in the world.
Look past the normality in the world towards personal metaphor.
Look into the ridiculous, and see reality.

President’s Soap Box

president's soap boxA creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others – Ayn Rand

With that said, I’d like to invite you all to join me in working towards being better today than we were yesterday. I’m not talking about competing with each other or anyone else.  This is about each of us as individuals working to achieve a higher level of skill, understanding and expression of our art as only compared to ourselves.

As artists, we often find ourselves basing our self worth on what others think of us or our work. We take the rejection from galleries and the lack of sales as a true statement of our value to society and often forget that everyone has their own opinion and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense that one work was selected over another.

As you work at being better today than you were yesterday, ask yourself some questions. “Why do I want to be an artist?” Is it to express yourself? Make money? Be famous? Maybe you just want to keep busy and make pretty things? Be honest with yourself as you think about these questions. Dig deep to find personal goals within the answers. Whatever your answers are, find ways to reach higher in your daily practice to get to the goals you set for yourself. Remember, you are not competing with anyone but you.

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