Chris Schranck Old Window

Christopher J. Schranck

The main focus of my wall sculptures, paintings and drawings is to work in both geometric and organic shapes and forms.  Being aware of and working in a busy format helps to eliminate a central focal point.  The elimination of a focal point leads the viewer’s eye throughout the entire work.  The effect is to captivate the viewer, inviting him to look closer into the piece while forming his own interpretation.  In addition, much of my work is left untitled or with having vague titles allowing open interpretation without prejudice.

Inspiration for my imagery is derived both from my imagination and by abstracting the world around me.  After contemplating a piece for a week to a month, the process then begins.  Through sketching, exploring and pushing artistic boundaries, I figure out what my next move will be. Contrasts in my paintings and drawings are derived from many sources:  textured surface versus smooth surface, warm colors versus cool colors, bright vivid primary and secondary colors versus organic earth colors and geometric shapes versus organic shapes.  These contrasts are repeated throughout the art work, creating rhythm and harmony.

An additional concern in my work is the creation of depth and ambiguous space. This is achieved through the overlapping of shapes with many layers of paints and glazes, as well as the use of warm light colors for the background and cool dark colors for the foreground.  This reverse spatiality of traditional warm and cool colors works well due to the overlapping of shapes.  Creating texture in the foreground contrasted by a smooth background also helps to create depth in my work.

I create a story in my wall sculptures and each of the pieces contains objects of personal history.  I also walk the alleys of Denver in search of that particular object which allows me to complete the next piece.  Sculptures come together from my being selective in how objects are incorporated into the work.  I remain concerned with depth and ambiguous space as I detail each piece with heavily textured surfaces that are produced by using an acrylic medium, oil and found objects.

Beyond my own life experiences and imagination, artists and music have also been a means of influence and inspiration for me:  Dale Chihuly’s blown glass projects and installations, Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso’s cubism, Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings and finally, the surrealism of Salvador Dali.

Chris Schranck is a Colorado artist living in Denver. He has been selling his art work since 1999 and has shown his art work all across the United States. He earned his B.A. in art with an emphasis in ceramics and sculpture at Western State college in 1994 and then in 1999 continued his studies with an emphasis in painting and drawing at Metropolitan State College. Chris does his art work out of his studio at Neo Art Studios in Denver where he is the founder and manager. He gets most of his inspiration from life experiences, traveling, nature and other artists. Finding found objects and making them a part of the composition is a large part of his work. Observing nature and what nature does to manmade objects is a lot of what goes into the focus of his paintings. You will also see a great deal of texture and contrast. Not only is his art work a great composition from a distance, but get up close and see the detail.

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