Ruth Work Fountain in New Mexico

Ruth Work

German born and educated in Germany and France, Ruth Work has lived in Colorado for the past 35 years.  She majored in painting and modern languages at the Sorbonne of Paris, France.   She has studied with and been inspired by various Colorado artists such as the late Paul Kontny, Quang Ho, Doug Dawson and Ramon Kelley.   She has exhibited and sold her paintings in Europe and the US.  Her favorite medium is oil, mainly architecture, landscapes and florals.  She is a member of OPA (Oil Painters of America) and the CAG (Colorado Arts Guild).  She recently won an award at the “This is Colorado” show with the Heritage Arts Club at the Madden Museum of Art of Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Ruth Work Fountain in New Mexico
Southwestern Sanctuary
Entrance to courtyard fountain

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