Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park

The Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park needs our help…please share this if you can to spread the word…

Appeal for Help for the CACEP

We have an urgent need to let the community know of the potential demise of the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park (CACEP). The fires of 2012 and the disastrous floods of 2013 severely stressed our abilities to carry out a robust visual and performance arts agenda. The resulting shortfall in donations and grants has left us with few alternatives. Rent, utilities and payrolls (two part time employees) have overwhelmed our limited funding. Without a dramatic increase in funding, the Board of Directors feel that after the 25 years of a successful program, the council’s program must be terminated. A meeting is being held on April 17 at 7PM to discuss the options and possible alternatives. Members and the community are invited to outline the challenge and discuss the situation and any other choices we have. Your thoughts and ideas on how to maintain this vital contribution to the community (both residents and visitors) are welcomed.

Please think about the shows and concerts that you have enjoyed over the years. Come by the gallery at least one last time to enjoy the 18th Annual Student Expressions show (through April 26) . It is a wonderful display of art from Estes Park school students – grades K-12. And, if you can, drop off a donation as a vote to continue. This has been a labor of love but life still demands payment to make things happen.

Thank you to all of the artists, volunteers and art appreciators who have filled the past 25 years with wonderful memories.

CACEP Board of Directors