CAG Member Show at Bemis 2016

For Labels: Artist’s Name
Art Title, dimensions, media, price.
Artist’s phone number, email address
(and for the sign in/pick up list, we need full address)
and $10 per entry when you drop off. (is that right? more? less?)

Drop off Art (If you cannot drop off your art, designate someone to do it for you)
Wednesday March 2nd, 12 noon- 1 pm (Help to hang the show is hereby begged)
Reception Wednesday March 9th 5pm set up – 8 pm (Please bring store bought,
wrapped items to share?

Pick up Art Wednesday March 30 1pm- 2pm There is no storage at the Library.
If you cannot pick up your art, designate someone to pick it up for you. There is no guarantee of it’s safety if you or your designee fail to fetch your work.
Get your artwork label/check in information to Leslie before Feb 18th. Send to and put CAG Bemis in the subject line.

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