In order to have a good laugh….

Although this has little to do with Studio Arts or the Bemis Member show that will go up a week, I challenged myself to write something about happiness and so I did. This piece is the second in the duo done. I hope you enjoy it. Peace, Leslie Ann Aguillard

Another Happy Ponder

In order to enjoy a good laugh
one must let the baggage fall –
Such a relief when that weight emancipates-
No need for concern someone else might snatch it.
It’s a lot like your dog’s steaming business on the sidewalk.
Honey, that stuff is all yours and you get to clean it up
‘cause no one else wants to.
You are safe.
So, if there is an opportunity-

I know a woman who regards humor as undignified;
a form of low class silliness that does not deserve acknowledgment.
She’s in her 90’s. I’ve seen her smile, and giggle, at least once or twice.
It must be genetics then rather than attitude keeping her alive.
I was really hoping my good humor and positive spinning would help me age ad infinitum.
Now I’m checking out the relatives and noting what has put them down.

Accidental blunt force trauma, cancer from a 3 pack a day habit, cancer from bad luck,
too much alcohol, massive coronary, intentional self-inflicted overdose, no actual crime
or war casualties. So my odds are looking pretty good since Nana was 97, Aunt C is 94, and
several others are living cautiously in their high 80’s.
It’s all good because
despite everything
I’m happy to be breathing
and still making choices.

Part of the baggage I let go
is mom’s need to lord my accomplishments over the heads of those who
said nothing good could come from either of us.
I think those folks are mostly dead.
It’s been a deliverance for mom and by extension me;
after all, at 70 no one seriously expects much about my resume to change.
Might I be another Maryann Robinson Moses fluke? (at 78 she began to paint in earnest)
although I have been painting for the better part of my life with no great acclaim.
At 70, Cornelius Vanderbilt began buying railroads.
Without major lottery winnings such purchases par moi are not likely.
Theodor Mommsen was 85 and got the Nobel Prize for Literature.
The winning History of Rome was among his 1,500 titles.
I still have three rewrites to finish.
At 93, P.G. Wodehouse worked on his 97th novel, was knighted and then died.
The Queen and I have no reason to meet.
What I’m trying to say is that if no one expects that much of you
the world is pretty much an unopened oyster if you care to keep prying.

Let go the ego’s hubris. Let go all regret. Even the very last moment is beyond retrieval.
If amends must be made to assuage some guilt
there are 12 step groups of every stripe and mostly free
and I recommend their therapeutic efficacy –
do it for your own peace of mind.
After which, show your teeth and full throated cooperation
with Life’s ironic twists.
Once you accept that all of it teeters on the razor’s edge of destruction
as seemingly arbitrary and beyond your control as if there were no God nor meaning
you can just move on…

You are your own CSI team at the scene-
The body reveals the fundamental truth
It is not you-
No harm no foul,
so no reason not to laugh
then or now;
if and when
a joke presents
laughing makes your life

copyright@ 2/21/2016 by Leslie Ann Aguillard Denver, CO