Wednesday, August 24 Guild Meeting

Please join us this Wednesday for our monthly meeting, as the Guild hosts a conversation with photographer Joe Bonita. Please note that our meeting location has changed for this meeting only. We  will be on the University of Denver campus, Colorado Women’s College, 1901 E Asbury. Same location as our current exhibit. Program starts at 7:00.

Joe Bonita PhotoJoe Bonita Photo 2


Joe Bonita is a self-taught photographer who’s been taking pictures at one level or another for a long, long time. He’s traveled extensively in Europe and made forays to Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Africa and South America. These travels have provided him with a wealth of subject matter for his photos, some of which appear this program. Many of his images are manipulated for what he considers artistic effect because in his view, photography isn’t just about showing the viewer what was there. He believes that it’s highest calling, like that of all art, is it’s ability to show others the world both as the photographer sees it and as he or she would like it to be.

The program is about the making of high impact images. It identifies the characteristics of these photos and gives many examples from Joe’s work and some from other photographers. The principles can be uses by photographers and painters as well.