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February 22nd Meeting Demonstration



We are excited to introduce Colorado Artist Guild members to Mixed Media by Pebeo! Come see what the latest buzz is all about at our upcoming meeting on February 22nd from 7:00 to 8:30pm. The demonstration will be by local artist and Pebeo Mixed Media Product Specialist, Candace French. Candace is an award-winning mixed media abstract artist, teacher, author and coach based in Littleton, Colorado. Her passion for life and innovative painting style will both entertain and educate while you enjoy learning about these exciting self-expressing liquid oil paints. Come join us!  Meeting Location, The Studios at Overlook Crossing, 2205 S. Delaware, Denver, CO 80223

Pat Swift

Pat Swift


I’ve always been a creative person.  I got serious and began taking classes at the Art Students League-Denver in 2007, in drawing, anatomy, watercolor and pastel. I also participated in several student workshops to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico with my pastel and watercolor teachers and other students  in the summers.
Painting with Acrylic was something I tried on my own.  Each new medium has its strengths and weaknesses.  I love texture and continue to incorporate various techniques into my acrylic paintings.
Painting teaches you to learn from your mistakes and risk trying new ideas.  That’s part of the fun.  Also, patience, patience, patience as the painting evolves through various phases.
There are also two of my most recent paintings displayed.  One called “Springtime on the Rocks” and the other “Green/red No. One”.
 I think going to the CAG meetings is vital for my development as an artist and encourage more members to do so.
Pat Swift

Pushpa Sunder Mehta, M.D

Pushpa Sunder Mehta, M.D

White Lilies
White Lilies
Piously Pure White Lilies

My art is an expression of my heart and soul; a search for “Truth” and an admiration for nature and life. I want my art to be purposeful , free and inspiring.

The will to continue with my art comes from the Loving Heavenly Voice that tells me “keep up with your art”. The driving force in my fingers to hold the brush and create original art is a gift of “True Love” from my family. As I progress on the path of an artistic pilgrim, I seek to engage viewers into an artistic consciousness to love and respect Mother Earth . – Pushpa Sunder Mehta, M.D

Leslie Aguillard

Leslie Aguillard

Kiss from Nana drawing drawing I like to do series.  I wanted to show wrinkles, age, shadows, non-traditional portraits and make them interesting, at least to me.  Originally it was just a self-portrait, and then it was only going to be old people, but I am doing young people as well.   I like drawing other artists.

One artist remarked that the reason why artists do self-portraits is because the model is free, available, and doesn’t mind if liberties are taken with the image.  That is good because I’d rather draw character, and have people like the image of a smooch, and the colors – it’s different, it shows fun and life.

 These are all 14 x 17 on Bristol with ink and colored pencil.   I have sold several of them ($100) and that is, I think, a deal. ~Leslie Aguillard

Ruth Work

German born and educated in Germany and France, Ruth Work has lived in Colorado for the past 35 years.  She majored in painting and modern languages at the Sorbonne of Paris, France.   She has studied with and been inspired by various Colorado artists such as the late Paul Kontny, Quang Ho, Doug Dawson and Ramon Kelley.   She has exhibited and sold her paintings in Europe and the US.  Her favorite medium is oil, mainly architecture, landscapes and florals.  She is a member of OPA (Oil Painters of America) and the CAG (Colorado Arts Guild).  She recently won an award at the “This is Colorado” show with the Heritage Arts Club at the Madden Museum of Art of Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Ruth Work Fountain in New Mexico
Southwestern Sanctuary
Entrance to courtyard fountain

For more information, please visit her site at

Chris Schranck

Chris Schranck is a Colorado artist living in Denver. He has been selling his art work since 1999 and has shown his art work all across the United States.  He earned his B.A. in art with an emphasis in ceramics and sculpture at Western State college in 1994 and then in 1999 continued his studies with an emphasis in painting and drawing at Metropolitan State College.  Chris does his art work out of his studio at Neo Art Studios in Denver where he is the founder and manager.  He gets most of his inspiration from life experiences, traveling, nature and other artists.  Finding found objects and making them a part of the composition is a large part of his work.  Observing nature and what nature does to manmade objects is a lot of what goes into the focus of his paintings.  You will also see a great deal of texture and contrast.  Not only is his art work a great composition from a distance, but get up close and see the detail.

Chris Schrank

See art work by Chris Schranck at Neo Art Studio on the S.W. corner of 9th and Santa Fe. To enter: Go into Grace Gallery, go to the back, and then go upstairs. Contact Chris at 303-995-2039 or email at See art work on Facebook at Art work by Chris Schranck.