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Christopher J. Schranck

The main focus of my wall sculptures, paintings and drawings is to work in both geometric and organic shapes and forms.  Being aware of and working in a busy format helps to eliminate a central focal point.  The elimination of a focal point leads the viewer’s eye throughout the entire work.  The effect is to captivate the viewer, inviting him to look closer into the piece while forming his own interpretation.  In addition, much of my work is left untitled or with having vague titles allowing open interpretation without prejudice.

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Barbara Hegy

Art is my tool for self-expression and discovery. My paintings draw inspiration from the patterns and colors in nature. I am moved by witnessing the grandeur of majestic mountains to the tiny intricacies of a flower. My compositions depict the wonder of nature and take the viewer on a new journey in each painting. I am in awe of the color, space and form that is found in the beauty of nature. This is my way of expressing and sharing these wonders.

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